We are proud to announce that we are now starting a whole new concept where we together read (or listen to) interesting, fascinating and inspiring books and discuss them together in order to expand our mind, improve our behaviour and mindset.

You are no longer on your own trying to develop and grow.... 

Together we form strong, supportive community where you can grow and challenge yourself , bounce ideas around, discuss and get new perspectives on life in general.

I am Asa and I am your guide on your journey of personal development.

I will be right there to facilitate the discussions and cheer you on as you challenge yourself and grow. 

Our Concept

Reading is one part of this (or listening if you prefer). Applying your newfound knowledge is another. Having someone to discuss with and feeling like you are a part of something bigger are important aspects too, which help to embed new behaviours, attitudes and a stronger mindset.


We have an interesting range of books that will challenge status quo, give you new perspectives and help you grow. 

One book a month to get through and ponder over with pre-assigned questions.

You will also get a few additional tips of great literature, fascinating speakers and podcasts that you can digest at your own leisure.

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After you have read the book of the month, it is time to start evaluating the book and what learnings you take away with you. 

You have by this point been given a set of questions that will help you question what the book might want to convey and how you can apply the good bits in your life.

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Getting together

Once a month, we will get together via ZOOM.

The first session will be held in April, but you can sign up and join the group whenever it suits you, even if it is "mid-quarter".

You simply join via the ZOOM link you have been given, either via your computer with your camera on or by plugging in your headphones and attending the meeting via your phone when you are out walking or doing the cleaning. Pick what suits you best.

As an added bonus, we will offer occasional get-togethers in between the scheduled sessions, but attending these are, of course, entirely optional.

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Want to find out more before you sign on the dotted line?

No worries, I am here to help and answer any questions you may have.

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